Monday, October 02, 2006


All members of this international treaty need only do one thing:
1) Love and appreciate all forms of music
-Do not exercise prejudice or discrimination against other styles
-Remain openminded and flexible to accept new types
-Support the initial genre/style that was appreciated, but do not hold that superior to others'
-Declare any news or interesting information regarding music that other members in this treaty may be curious to know.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is the official site of the MUSIC APPRECIATION TREATY (M.A.T.) Here, nations may join as a tribute to the wonderful, soul-cleansing affect of music and all its splendor. The nations currently in part of this treaty are:

-Purple Nation
-The Independent Republic of Zion
-Devious Island

As a part of this international treaty, the nations may either choose to represent a style or genre of music, or simply declare their love for music.

New songs, favorite artists, music news, anything regarding to music may be posted on this website. Annually, the nations may take part in a music celebration. That date can change but news on that will be posted as it occurs.